Dry Barrel vs. Wet Barrel Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are an integral part of active fire protection, as they allow water to flow from a water main. There are two types of hydrants that are used, Dry Barrel and Wet Barrel.

Download the PDF of this Product Brief here: Product Brief - Wet Barrel vs Dry Barrel Hydrants

Wet Barrel Hydrants

A wet barrel hydrant holds a constant water supply and each hose outlet has independent valves to control the flow of water.


  • Constant supply of water.
  • Flow control of each outlet.
  • Removable outlets for maintenance.
  • Field Serviceable.


  • Subject to freeze in cold climates.
  • Loss of water if damaged by vehicles
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Dry Barrel Hydrants

A dry barrel hydrant has a valve that is located underground in the hydrant bury. This valve must be opened to allow water to flow into the hydrant.


  • Avoids frozen water in cold climates.
  • No water loss if damaged by vehicles.
  • Removable outlets for maintenance.
  • Field serviceable


  • Main valve concurrently controls all hose outlets.