Armona Well Improvements

Armona Well & Water Treatment Facility

Armona Well & Water
Treatment Facility

The community of Armona recently completed the development of a new well & water treatment facility in order to comply with the California total Arsenic MCL state law which states less than 10 parts per billion of Arsenic shall be found in water. The primary function of this treatment facility is to remove Arsenic from the water, but it is also removing Iron and Aluminum as well as addressing the discoloration of the water provided to the community.

The new well is the 3rd one for the community and is designed to be capable of producing 1,200 gallons per minute of treated potable water, which is about 25% more than what is needed for the community. After a 30 day period the facility will be brought fully on-line and well 2 will be taken off line (but not permanently). In the future, water from well 2 can be pumped to the well 3 site for treatment if needed.

All the underground piping system for the well was provided by R&B Company. We also provided all the piping, fittings and expansion joints going to and from the well, booster pumps and filtration system. R&B also provided a 10” Flow Control Valve on the filtration system.

Download the PDF here.