Small Diameter

Covers 1/2" CTS - 6" DIPS

The Small Diameter Operator Qualification session prepares students who work in small diameter applications from ½" CTS to 6" DIPS (16mm to 180mm) to understand the theory of fusion and properly fuse small diameter pipe and fittings. Participants go hands-on with our smallest machines, the Mini-Mc® and 1LC, and learn saddle fusion techniques on the Sidewinder®. The course also covers some of McElroy’s most popular machines, such as the Pit Bull® 14, 2LC and Pit Bull® 26.

Medium Diameter

Covers 2" IPS - 20" OD

Students will have the opportunity to use a variety of the McElroy Rolling, TracStar® and DynaMc® units in the Medium Diameter Operator Qualification session. The class includes 28, 250, 412, 618 and 500 series machines that are used for fusing pipe from 2" IPS to 20" OD (63mm to 500mm). Successful pipe fusion skills will be supplemented by using the DataLogger® to quickly analyze and check each fusion joint made.

Large Diameter

Covers 8" IPS - 65" OD

The Large Diameter Operator Qualification session is for students who work on job sites that require HDPE pipe from 8" IPS to 65" OD (225mm to 1600mm). Participants get the opportunity to operate some of McElroy’s largest machines, including the MegaMc® 824, TracStar® 900 and the MegaMc® 1600. Students also learn how to properly analyze and document fusion joints using the DataLogger®.

Fusion Inspector

In the school, we will explain the theory of butt fusion of polyethylene pipe and the process used to join it. The information includes the use of inspection checklists and a discussion of the critical factors involved in the fusion welding processes. This includes butt fusion, electro-fusion, socket fusion and sidewall fusion. Students also receive an in-depth explanation on the use and analysis of McElroy DataLogger® records. Inspectors, project managers, consulting engineers, quality assurance managers, and sales professionals can benefit from this training.