PVC Pipe

Solid wall Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe (PVC) has decades of use and has a life expectancy of well over 100 years. With a corrosion free performance without needing liners or coating, PVC pipe is easy to assemble and field cut without special equipment or advanced training. PVC pipe is the most widely used pipe for buried infrastructure.

Download the PDF of this Product Brief here: Product Brief - Types of PVC Pipe

pressure pvc pipe

  • AWWA C900
  • 4" – 60"

This product is typically used for distribution pipelines of potable water. However this product may be used for Gravity Sewer, Force Mains or Recycled Water projects.

  • Pressure ratings to 350psi
  • Every piece is hydrostatically tested
  • Integral bells with locked in rieber gaskets
  • Cast Iron OD
  • Industry Standard 2X safety factor
  • Numerous fitting options
  • Available in purple for recycled water use
  • Many sizes available with restrained joints

Non Pressure pvc Pipe

  • ASTM D3034 4" – 15"
  • ASTM F679 18" – 60

This product is typically used for conveying Sanitary Sewer as well as Storm Drainage Water and certain Industrial Wastes..

  • Pipe stiffness PS46 & PS115
  • Solid Wall Construction
  • Integral bells with locked in reiber gaskets
  • Watertight joints
  • Lightweight 14' & 20' lengths
  • For shallow to deep installations
  • Reference marks for proper insertion
  • Easy to handle and install