Moss Landing Fireline Repair

Moss Landing Fireline

  • Contractor: Therma & R&B Fusion

  • Location: Moss Landing, CA.

  • Pipe: 4" DR9 HDPE

  • Equipment: Pit Bull 26

The Moss Landing Power Plant is a natural gas powered electricity plant siting on the coastline of Monterey County. The pant was originally built in 1949, but has had several major upgrades over the years to make energy production more efficient. The newer units are combined cycle units, using a pair of gas turbines and a steam turbine.

The plant cycles through roughly 1.2 billion gallons of water daily. The pipeline below the plant consists of thousands of feet of HDPE. When the pipe was first laid in it was fused under pressure resulting in a weak bond between the pipes. When this happens only the outer and inner beads form a bond, rather than the full face of the pipe bonding. The end result is that leaks keep happening as the water will find the weakest point in the pipeline and breaking

On this particular day, R&B Fusion was called to fix a leak in a fire line. The leak occurred in a 4” line teed off from the main 12” line between the post-indicator and hydrant. A 90 was replaced with a flanged adapter so the line could be easily tied into in the future.

Download the PDF here.