New Fire Line

Landels School
HDPE Fire Line

  • Project: New Fire Line

  • Type of Pipe: 8" SDR11 HDPE

  • length of Pipe: 1,560 Feet

  • Location: Mountain View, CA.

  • Contractor: Rodan Builders & R&B Fusion

Santa Clara County passed Measure G in 2012. Measure G will generate up to $198 million for the Mountain View Whisman School District. The funds will help schools upgrade, repair or expand the campuses to provide students and staff with safe, efficient and modern facilities.

One recipient of these funds is Landels Elementary School, which is adding a new sports building to its campus. Construction of the new building started over the summer break and it needed a new fire line installed before school begins in August. To be able to have the new line installed on time, it was decided that Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) would be fastest and least intrusive. The new line totals at 1,560’ of 8” SDR11 HDPE split into six runs. Each run had a pull-head fused to one end so it could be pulled between the insertion and connection pits.

By installing the new line in this manner no trenches had to be dug resulting in less damage to the campus. A total of six pits had to be dug for pulling in each run. The runs were fused together using a Tega Electrofusion Coupling to complete the fire line. Using Horizontal Directional Drilling rather than the traditional open trench method resulted in both time and money savings.

Download the PDF here.