Job Profiles

At R&B Company, we are a vital part providing one of the most important resources to our communities: Water. The case studies you find below are a selection of jobs that the resources and expertise of R&B Company were used to get the job done. Whether it is a simple as installing a new fire line or a new well and water treatment center.

Central Valley Drought Relief

Bakersfield, CA.

Farmers and Irrigation districts throughout the Central Valley are turning to enclosed pipelines to transport water instead of canals in order to minimize water loss.

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Irrigation Bypass

Dixon, CA.

During the construction of new weir's in Salona County, HDPE pipe was used to create a temporary bypass to keep water flowing to the adjacent farmlands.

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Armona Well & Water Treatment

Fresno, CA.

A new water treatment facility gets installed in the Central Valley Community of Armona. This facility will help the community remove Arsenic, Iron and Aluminum from the water.

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Heartland Gardens

Gilroy, CA.

Development of the new community in Gilroy's Heartland Gardens used HDPE pipe to install a new reclaimed water line. Both the existing line and the new line will provide reclaimed water to the Gilroy Gold course.

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Moss Landing Power Plant

Moss Landing, CA.

The Moss Landing Power plant has thousands of feet of HDPE pipe running below it. Due to the being fused under pressure when it was first out in, many leaks have begun to appear. R&B Fusion has been helping to repair those leaks.

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Landels Elementary School

Mountain View, CA.

When Landels Elementary School added a new sports building to the campus, they choose to use HDPE pipe for the new fire line that had to be installed. By using HDPE, they were able to use HDD to install the new pipe and this resulted in less damage to the campus.

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