Irrigation Bypass

42" & 32" SDR26 HDPE Irrigation Bypass

42" & 32" SDR26 HDPE
Irrigation Bypass

  • Project: Sweeney & McCune Creeks Bypass

  • Type of Project: Irrigation Bypass

  • Location: Dixon, CA.

  • Contractor: Shimmick Construction & R&B Fusion

The Sweeney and McCune creeks currently provide approximately 32,000 acre feet of water per year to adjacent farmlands. Each year tail-water from the farm fields and operational spills enter these channels. Much of this water is never recovered as the channels discharge into the Sacramento River, resulting in an unquantifiable loss of re-usable water each year.

Salona Irrigation District and the Bureau of Reclamation are building a weir with integrated flume meters and automated discharge gates within the channels. The weir will provide the District with a way to measure downstream water deliveries as well as recover a portion of drainage for water reuse and conservation. An estimated 12,360 AF of water per year will become available for reuse, that water will be designated for drip irrigation and micro-sprinkler systems.

During construction of the weir’s, two temporary bypasses were built in order to keep water flowing to the adjacent farmlands. R&B fused together two runs of HDPE, the first run was 280 feet of 42” SDR26 and the second was 250 feet of 36” SDR26. After each run was completed Shimmick Construction moved them into place within the channels. HDPE was chosen for the bypass for it’s durability and flexibility. Both runs were completed and laid out in two days saving the contractor time and money.

Download the PDF here.