30" SDR11 HDPE
for Reclaimed Water

Heartland Gardens
Reclaimed Water

  • Project: Reclaimed Water Line

  • Type of Pipe: 30" SDR11 HDPE

  • length of Pipe: 3,500 Feet

  • Location: Gilroy, CA.

  • Contractor: Sanco Pipelines & R&B Fusion

Pulling 30 inch dr11 hdpe pipe Airiel shot of 450 foot lengths of hdpe Preparing megamc for fusion testing heated temperture

Heartland West is expanding its residential community into a new area called Heartland Gardens. The already developed sections of the community has a reclaimed water. This project is an extension of that line into Heartland Gardens.

The new pipeline consist of 3,500 ft. of 30” SDR11 HDPE that loops around the west end of the new development to tie into the existing pipeline. The new line was installed by fusing 450 ft. sections with flanged ends. Each 450 ft. section was lifted and set into place. The sections were then bolted together by the flanges. The new line was tied into the existing line using new butterfly valves.

In addition, the new reclaimed water line ties into a pipeline feeding the Gilroy Golf course. This entire reclaimed pipeline network connects to the Gilroy Wastewater Treatment Plant. Reclaimed water is being used in Gilroy for irrigation to help alleviate the recent California water shortage and to better prepare for future water shortages.

Download the PDF here.