Central Valley
Drought Relief

42" C905 PVC
Irrigation Line

42" C905 PVC
Irrigation Line

  • Project: Agriculture Irrigation Line

  • Type of Project: 42" C905 PVC

  • Location: Bakersfield, CA.

  • Contractor: Nicholas Construction

Farmers in the Central Valley are facing difficult times getting the water they need to their crops due to the groundwater reduction from the recent drought. In order to start alleviating this problem and prepare for additional future water shortages, many farmers and irrigation districts are starting to use pipelines rather than canals to move the water that they need. By using an enclosed system for transportation, the loss of water through evaporation can be eliminated.

One such irrigation line that has just been installed runs nearly 7 miles across the valley. At the turnout were the line starts, Ductile Iron Pipe is used to draw water from the canal into the main line which is comprised of 42” C905 PVC. Construction of the pipeline began on both sides of the canal, the line had to pass under a major highway and the contractor chose to use horizontal directional boring so as not to disrupt the flow of traffic.

Download the PDF here.