Our History

The Roberts and Brune Company was formed in 1949 when Mr. H. G. Roberts (AKA Bob Roberts) and Mr. Fred H. Brune joined forces. Bob and Fred were long time employees of the Rensselaer Valve Company. In their new joint venture, they would now represent the Rensselaer Valve Company as agents instead of employees. For two years they worked out of a San Francisco warehouse, then in 1951 moved to 1063 Old County Road in San Carlos.

Fred Brune Retired in 1960. In 1961 Stephen Andrus came on board as a partner, then in 1964 Bob Roberts retired. In 1985 Steve became the sole owner of Roberts and Brune Co.

In October 29, 1989 Davis Water and Waste Industries of Thomasville GA Purchased Roberts and Brune from Steve Andrus. Davis sent one of their new guys (Reed Mack) to manage their new acquisition. Reed was just a 22 year old trainee at Davis the year prior (1988). Steve tutored Reed for a short period, then officially retired in June of 1990. From this point onward, Reed was the lonely guy at the top.

By 1994 Reed had acclimated himself well to the roller coaster of pain and triumph that is running a small business. Then came word that Davis Water would be sold to a Larger concern. Reed saw a different vision for himself and Roberts and Brune Co.

Reed approached the president of Davis Water and proposed to buy the Roberts and Brune Company back from Davis Water. “Sure kid, if you can come up with the money in six weeks you can buy it.”

Reed scrambled to put together a deal, but he needed some serious cash to make this happen. He approached Steve Andrus for a loan so that he could in turn buy the company back from Davis Water. Steve came to an agreement with Reed and loaned him the money and so Reed’s journey began with R&B Company.