Brass Configurations

An important part of moving water is the connection of pipe fittings, couplings and adapters. Corporation, curb, in-line and angle meter valves all have various end configurations that can be used depending on the connection you are making.

Download the PDF of this Product Brief here: Product Brief - Brass Configurations

CC or Iron Pipe Thread

The conventional plug-type key corporation stop or ball type corporation stop are available with the AWWA CC thread or Iron Pipe Threads. AWWA CC threads have a steeper taper than Iron Pipe Threads.

Copper Flare

When copper tubing is properly flared, the convex surface of the nut opposes the convex surface of the body to seal the tubing and the fitting. Copper flare provides the greatest pullout resistance and a dependable seal.


Compression fittings have a gasket and stainless steel gripper ring that are drawn together when the nut is tightened. providing the hydraulic seal and mechanical restraint.

Grip Connections

The integral stop withing the fitting ensures full pipe insertion. The directional serrations of the plastic grip ring engage the outside diameter of the tubing providing a mechanical seal and lock while the internal o-ring provides a hydrostatic seal.

Pack Joint

Tightening the Pack Joint Nut compresses a beveled gasket to make it watertight and a split clamp locking device, which is drawn down securely on the tubing by tightening a brass or stainless steel screw, provides a gripping action restraint.

Meter Swivel Nut/Meter Flange

The conventional plug-type key angle meter valve or ball type angle mater valve up to 1" are available with meter swivel nuts. 1-1/2" and 2" are available with an integral meter flange which eliminates the need for adapters when connecting a meter.